Forever Strong (2008) DVDRip

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Forever Strong (2008) DVDRip
Year: 2008
Director: Ryan Little
Starring: Gary Cole, Sean Feris, Neil MakDonaf, Penn Bedzhli, Ariel Kebbel, Sean Estin, Larry Begbi, Eliot Benjamin, Matthew Flynn Bellouz
About the film:
Rick Pening lives, just as playing in rugby league: a fast, hard and intense. When this life brings him to the prison, a prison tutor Marcus Tate offers him a chance to return to the game, but playing for his competitors, «Highland Rugby». Rick reluctantly joins the team where he must adopt a grueling training schedule and unique code of conduct that requires the coach Dzhelviks, or complete the season behind bars. When Rick starts to feel part of a team, their release from prison, home, where he must join his former team, treniruemoy his father. Attacks in the draw against the «Highland», in the national championship, Rick must choose whom to play ...
IMDB Rating 6.9/10 (852 votes)
Issued: United States, Go Films
Length: 112 min
Sound: Home (odnogolosoe)
Format: AVI (HviD)
Quality: DVDRip
Video: 640x352, 1402kb / s
Audio: MP3, 256kb / s
Size: 1.23 GB