Burnout (PS2)

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Burnout (PS2)
Your extreme car tour taking place in the city, which are pretending that he spit on a player with a high bell tower: on the streets full of a variety of vehicles, each moving in its path. And in some places they are moving very tightly and heap, thus creating serious obstacles to your advancement. But even in a more or less unloaded arteries city you do not have to be bored, because the need for extreme driving and high speed gameplay in general and of themselves give rise to a lot of sensitive situations and opportunities for the accident. By the way, the accident took place of honor in the game and implemented with love and passion. Among the total mass of arcade racing game favorably with excellent sales model damaged cars. In the same unforgettable, bezbashennom Crazy Taxi cars were solid, and all accidents were limited to foot sparks, handspring and roar of colliding masses, but not their masses, deformations. Burnout also offers several other "ekspiriens, displaying the process of the accident to a qualitatively new level. Glass break, mnutsya hull, machinery and perform dancing collision damage beautifully and convincingly.
Platform: PS2
Language: English
Region: PAL
Genre: Racing
Type: DVD
Format: ISO