Anaconda 4 Trail of Blood(2009)

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Anaconda 4 Trail of Blood(2009)
English | Dvdrip | Runtime: 1h 28m | Video: XviD, 608*320, 963kbps | Audio MP3 @ 128kbps | Size: 700MB
Genre: Action | Horror
A baby anaconda, captured at the end of Anaconda 3: Offspring, is being used for experiments by a scientists. He creates a hybrid of the blood orchids from Borneo that enabled the anacondas to grow so large and live so long, and creates a serum for cell regeneration. When he disappears and the snake escapes, Murdoch sends a team to find him. Dr. Amanda Haze also goes in search of him, determined to destroy the serum and kill the snakes. The two groups encounter more people who get dragged into the search for the snake, which has been split in two by someone attempting to kill it. Due to the serum, the anacondas can no longer die without significant damage to their internal organs.