Night At The Museum 2 R5 LiNE XviD

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Night guard Larry Daley, now a successful entrepreneur, returns to the Museum of Natural History to visit his friends–the exhibits that come to life at night–only to learn that they are being shipped off into deep storage at the Smithsonian Institution. To make matters worse, the exhibits at the Smithsonian, including the pharaoh Kahmunrah, are suddenly coming to life–and they aren’t at all happy about their new visitors. Determined to save his friends, Larry rushes to Washington, D.C., and makes his way into the inner workings of the largest museum complex in the world while Kahmunrah recruits the likes of Ivan the Terrible, Napoleon, and Al Capone. Larry, meanwhile, finds himself with spunky Amelia Earhart as a co-conspirator and love interest, and General Custer leading the battle for the Smithsonian. The stakes are higher in this sequel, where even the paintings on the Smithsonian walls come to life at night.