The Legend Of Bloody Mary (2008)

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A young man plagued by nightmares many years after his sisters disappearance after playing a game of…you guessed it bloody Mary, decides to rid himself of these night terrors with the help of a priest, together they uncover the legend of Mary Worth, a young girl who was violently killed in the 17th century for being pregnant out of wedlock, all the while having to look at her badly slashed up face & very own execution in front of a mirror. When the mirror, her bones & the remains of her unborn child are found, Mary decides to make sure that the hero, the priest & anyone else who knows about her is killed before they can stop her terrifying legacy. THE LEGEND OF BLOODY MARY is yet another in what seems like an endless cycle of films based on the creepy urban legend. Unfortuantly this one is no better than the other 20,000 films based on the same character & tale. There’s no suspense, no scares, the CGI is bad, the acting & directing way off & the film looks very, very cheaply made. IMDb claims the budget to be about a million, but I highly doubt that, the film looks far to cheap to have a budget like that, heck even $100,000 maybe doubtful, either that or someone needs to fire the Cinematographer! Horror fans looking for some thrills won’t find them here, though I thought the flashback scenes where a group of girls are being haunted after playing the game to be pretty decent & the scenes set in the 17th century, but once the plot jumps back to the present, it gets pretty boring & I highly doubt a priest would call out the lords name in vain or have little or no time to pray for & help someone like this priest does. The same goes for the scenes where he’s talking to the detective & the cop drops the F bomb a few times, what detective would use that kind of language when talking to a priest? Avoid this one & see URBAN LEGENDS: BLOODY MARY instead, it’s a much better movie.