Hostile Makeover 2009 DVDSCR XViD

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Makeovers can be real murder. Fearless Washington D.C. fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian sashays right back into trouble when her interview with reality TV makeover star turned fashion designer Amanda Manville reveals Amanda’s been receiving death threats. When the uber diva, whose bratty behavior and tendency to take credit for her sister Zoe’s designs have ruffled more than a few feathers, is gunned down at her own runway show, Lacey jumps in to investigate, one fashion clue at a time. But the one thing that can knock Lacey off her stilettos is the sudden appearance of her mother and sister who are convinced Lacey should move home to Colorado. Not only does Mom think DC is too dangerous, she doesn’t like that the vintage-loving Lacey has recycled the man who broke her heart the first time, gorgeous cop Vic Donovan. With her best friends, Stella, a punky hairstylist, and Brooke, an upper crust Georgetown lawyer, and her mother and little sister in tow, Lacey foils the murderer and solves the fashion felonies, all while meeting the deadline for her column. Hostile Makeover is a funny, fashionable, and fabulous murder mystery set against our nation’s capital.